Electronic Kit for Amateur Radio Operator & Home Brewer from Korea(HL5FTC & DS5TUK)

4066CWTRX  EHB-1  EHB-2 

1. Super VXO

2. Digital Frequency Display Module

3. TRX Board

4. Wiring & adjust

5. Wiring 2 & Enclosure

6. Adjustment without measurement device

7. CW Active Filter(Option)

8. SDR4/QSD(Option)

EHB-1 Assembly Guide 7. CW Active Filter(Option)

EHB-1, the logic IC 74HC4053 & 74HC4066 is used. Prior to assembly, schematics and PartListRev1.3 print and look nice bench in the place, please be prepared. 100% of the entire operating principle is difficult to understand. However, pins and how to connect the pins, and if you understand what happens to the flow of signals, adjustment and repair process after assembly will be very helpful. Please necessarily keep.