Electronic Kit for Amateur Radio Operator & Home Brewer from Korea(HL5FTC & DS5TUK)

4066CWTRX  EHB-1  EHB-2 

1. Super VXO

2. Digital Frequency Display Module

3. TRX Board

4. Wiring & adjust

5. Wiring 2 & Enclosure

6. Adjustment without measurement device

7. CW Active Filter(Option)

8. SDR4/QSD(Option)

EHB-1 Assembly Guide 5. Wiring(2) & Enclosure

Now is the order in which the assembly into the case.

First, the rubber feet that came with round-head screws to secure it to the bottom plate.
Come to the middle part of the rubber foot auger Slash, round head screws and the work is easy.

Three short and one long round head screws with round head screws to fasten the SO-239 Connector.
Insert the spring washers and nuts are combined with the long screws.