Electronic Kit for Amateur Radio Operator & Home Brewer from Korea(HL5FTC & DS5TUK)

4066CWTRX  EHB-1  EHB-2 

1. Super VXO

2. Digital Frequency Display Module

3. TRX Board

4. Wiring & adjust

5. Wiring 2 & Enclosure

6. Adjustment without measurement device

7. CW Active Filter(Option)

8. SDR4/QSD(Option)

EHB-1 Assembly Guide 2. Digital Frequency Display Module

Digital Frequency Display is to assemble the order. Assembled at the height of the lower parts of the job will be easier if the order gone through.

First, resistors and diodes, coils, IC socket and the insertion part, and are soldered.

1/8W resistors were used, the smallest size.

Resistance of the surface color bands, so it is often difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, magnifying glass, etc. Be sure to use. Determine the value, and again after verifying with a tester, please insert. Doing so can prevent the mistake of incorrectly inserted. In the picture below, resistors, coils, diodes, IC sockets, inserting the appearance.