Electronic Kit for Amateur Radio Operator & Home Brewer from Korea(HL5FTC & DS5TUK)

4066CWTRX  EHB-1  EHB-2 

1. Super VXO

2. Digital Frequency Display Module

3. TRX Board

4. Wiring & adjust

5. Wiring 2 & Enclosure

6. Adjustment without measurement device

7. CW Active Filter(Option)

8. SDR4/QSD(Option)

EHB-1 Assembly Guide 1. Super VXO.

EHB-1, the logic IC 74HC4053 & 74HC4066 is used. Prior to assembly, schematics and PartListRev1.3 print and look nice bench in the place, please be prepared. 100% of the entire operating principle is difficult to understand. However, pins and how to connect the pins, and if you understand what happens to the flow of signals, adjustment and repair process after assembly will be very helpful. Please necessarily keep.

First Assembly of Super VXO progress. Super VXO really oscillating circuit, consisting of the few parts, but here the oscillation signal generated by the transmitting circuit and receiving circuit we need is the primary carrier. Therefore, in order to create a clean signal without noise, it must be created.

First, to determine the PCB. PCB less than a spot of the copper corrosion is visible, that is a short circuit between the pattern with the naked eye so that you can see the parts thoroughly in advance to confirm.
Typically, the height from the lower parts of the insertion order of the high parts, and soldering, and you will have to repeat the process.
In ELECHOMEBREW creating products, to reduce the size of the smallest components like resistors 1/8W class is used. So, the resistor, the color band is difficult to read with the naked eye. Check the eyes, and a resistance range tester to see the value in the Hold it, please insert and solder.
The figures below are SuperVXO PCB. Is very small

The following photo is the finished look of Super VXO. Is very simple.

Parts to keep in mind, in the parts list NP0 capacitors that are marked. These capacitors are called temperature compensation capacitor. The parts are painted black on the top should be used. Parts in the direction of the J310, 2N2222's TR, I321 VariCap, 78L08 voltage Regulator, 1N4148 Diode, connector, etc., and which is printed in white on both the PCB has the appearance of silk. Please insert parts, according to the appearance of the direction is right. Please check twice, three times the direction.

Super VXO figure below that the most important role in the L2 coil.
If a typical kit, you direct you to wrap the, but the thickness of 0.1 mm enameled wire nine times for each bank, all the exact number of times, 45 times, a lot of winder in the correct position is difficult.
The exact number of times winder in the correct position without a large magnifying glass is not as easy as I've come, I Enclosure a pre-wrap. I never even caught your hand directly on the bridge were closed and not end up soldering wire enamel, which is an operation that is not easy. Since more than happy to put a pre-created content will pass.

When you are finished, the PCB assembly, wiring, are you in advance. Molex 3Pin 5264 volume connector cable harness to insert the following in the order shown below, 10KR VR is soldered to you. 10KR VR 1Turn VR and the 300 back also, as an option to apply for your 10Turn VR more than happy to put in your information, so accordingly by comparing the following two pictures, and if the wiring is soldered.

Pin 2 for 10Turn VR is the best in the back. So the position of the wiring is slightly different. Connect after checking the pictures.

CON1 and CON3 2Pin Molex 5264, each housing red / black harness cable, putting, its location is combined with the connector. Pin 1 is always look at the PCB side of the silk is cut corners. Check if the number of pins on the wiring connections, please check again.

When you apply the 12V power level of about 20mA of current to flow normally, when the assembly is busted.

Then, in Part 2 that describes the DFD assembled, CON2 connection of the terminals to determine the frequency and you can make adjustments.
If you do not have DFD module, frequency counter, connect to the CON2 and VR can check by turning the oscillation frequency. Variable range to be varied up to approximately 11.000MHz ~ 11.040MHz L2 core of the coil bobbin is if you adjust the core. If you are identified as DFD and displayed as a frequency 7.000MHz ~ 7.040MHz to adjust to. DFD, and how to adjust the production method will be explained in Part 2.

This confirmed a lower frequency and upper frequency value shown in the following counters.


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